Happy Thanksgiving


I’m taking this week off to celebrate Thanksgiving my family and friends. We’re planning on going a little nontraditional this year with food! This week we’ll be putting up the Christmas tree and decorations, and working on a couple of house projects. Oh, and of course, making our shopping list. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week!


Recently we purchased a trash can for the kitchen and it came with a warranty card. I’ll be honest here, I didn’t fill it out!

Our rule of thumb with product warranties is that if it was less than $100, we’re not getting a warranty on it. I dislike keeping all the paperwork for random stuff. The exception would be baby gear, because sometimes there are problems, and I fill it out in case there’s a product recall or something.


But for the most part, stuff we buy can be pretty easily replaced. Earlier this week I purchased a hot plate and it was $60. For an additional $5, I could have bought an extended warranty on it. We chose not to, because it already has a 1 year warranty on it, and it’s not something we needed on a daily basis that would require us to pay a bit more for it.


What are your thoughts on warranties?

My Choice of Carry-on

While my husband headed our early to Phoenix for work earlier this month, my mom, the kids, and I flew out on our own a few days later.

As we lugged the kids, the carseats, and our bags, my mom commented about why I didn’t use a suitcase carry-on. I had a Vera Bradley travel bag. She thought it would be easier to pull a suitcase on wheels.

I like using a travel bag instead of a suitcase a a carry-on because I like sliding it under the seat in front of me. Yes, I know you can put your suitcase in overhead bins, but I like having access to my stuff without worrying about stuff falling on top of me or other passengers.


The other surprise bonus was that we had a full flight, and everyone who didn’t board in the first group discovered that all the bins were full and if you had a suitcase, it needed to be checked.

The very few things I like to keep in my carry-on:

  • our children’s stuffed animals
  • electronics and chargers (iPad, Kindle)
  • a couple of kids books
  • camera
  • 2 waters (purchased at the gate)

Of course, it’s going to depend on who is traveling with us and what is needed.

But after our most recent trip, it’s pretty much cemented my thoughts on why I don’t use the suitcase carry-on! :-)

Hot Bread Kitchen Book Review


One of the things I’ve been learning to make over the past few years is Chinese breads. My mom has been patiently teaching me how to fold, pinch, and knead the dough to deliciousness. I appreciate the time spent in the kitchen, connecting with my heritage, my mom, and of course, the food!

In The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook: Artisanal Baking from Around the World, I was happy to be introduced to different breads from different parts of the world. The cookbook is based on an artisan bakery in New York. The diverse recipes in the book are inspired by the women all over the world who work there.

The cookbook covers unleavened and leavened flatbreads, tortillas, lean breads and rolls, enriched breads, filled doughs, and quick breads and holiday breads. The book is not exclusive of breads, as you will find recipes to accompany the breads you make (like a Reubens with Sriracha Special Sauce).

I enjoyed reading the stories of the women behind Hot Bread Kitchen. It gave the book much more “soul” in reading about how they continue the traditions of the recipes they learned from past generations.

The book is beautifully photographed, and I found this especially helpful after looking at the techniques used (like how to braid the dough). The pages of the book have are not coated, and are more of a matte feel than the usual glossy cookbooks. I prefer this paper finish on a cookbook.

All in all, I would recommend this book to someone looking to expand their bread-baking repertoire.

More info on the book found here. More info on the author here.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. All opinions are my own.