Things We Don’t Spend Money On


Yesterday I shared a post on things we spend money on, and today I’m sharing things we don’t (generally) spend money on. I’m not rigid about these “rules” though and view it more as a guide. Books Don’t get me wrong. I love books and I’m an avid reader. I used to buy books at thrift… [Read More]

Things We Splurge Money On


Recently I’ve seen a few blog posts on how they spend their money (here and here) and it’s led me to think about places where we spend our money. Although I think we are generally frugal, or more thoughtful about where our money goes, these are places where I don’t necessarily consider price a top priority…. [Read More]

3 Apps to Get You Running


Last summer I started running. The baby weight wasn’t magically falling off and seeing my muffin top overflowing from my pre-baby clothes was motivation for me to get moving. It was hard, and it’s still hard. But, it’s been motivating to be able to fit back into a few more shirts. To date I’ve lost… [Read More]