Week in the Life 2014 – Thursday


Up early with Bunny, and I lose track of time in the morning working on photos. So thankful that my mom is here with us when Brian heads off to a new job next week as she has been taking care of all the meals.DSC_0003

She’s also really good at braiding Bunny’s hair.

DSC_0030 DSC_0036

We went for a walk/drive in the next neighborhood while our house was getting inspected.DSC_0056 DSC_0060

There was a gas leak on the outside that the inspector brought to our attention, and it was the fastest I’ve ever seen a utility worker come to our house.DSC_0062 DSC_0127 DSC_0171

We spent time carving our pumpkins. DSC_0173 DSC_0175 DSC_0181

Sometimes I get a little too ambitious with my projects. The whisker/tail part accidentally got cut a bit more than necessary, so if you look closely, you can see the toothpick sticking out!DSC_0188

Bedtime shenanigans. Colder weather pajamas, finally. Our air conditioning is still running.DSC_0206

Finishing up last week for my 2014 Project Life album while watching Are You Afraid of the Dark on YouTube. It’s so awesome and brings back childhood memories. Loved this show.DSC_0213

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Thoughts, and Thank You

Whew. We made it. I hope this series inspired you to create a baby album. I tried to collect my thoughts in a somewhat cohesive manner, and if I didn’t, and you need more clarifications, well, please let me know in the comments!


A couple of final thoughts:
Writing the 31 days challenge was not an easy feat. I went through writer’s block, feeling like I was saying the same thing over and over, and it was exactly what I needed to step outside of my comfort zone.

Writing about making a baby album was not only narrow in focus but also pretty epic. All you can do is start, and just do your best.

If you have completed your baby album, please let let me know in the comments. I’d love to see your work!

Thank you for reading along.

Week in the Life 2014 – Wednesday

I found Wednesday to be great for me to get back in the groove. It felt like a Monday with all our traveling and the day felt kind of like a weekend since Brian isn’t working (he’ll start his new job next week).


Donuts are what’s for breakfast. We desperately need to do a grocery run later.


Catching the sunrise while I wait in the car.
IMG_3353I have to make my bed in the morning. I feel like it sets the day to a good start. Today was a little later than usual.DSC_9837

Home inspector is coming tomorrow, so Brian does a few last minute small repairs.DSC_9840

Grocery run to Wal-Mart. We’ve been grumpy with each other off and on the last couple of days, so I think we finally settle and make peace. IMG_3362

We always tell our kids, “hold hands in the parking lot!.”

We stock up on fruit and veggie packs. Nagini supplements her meals with them sometimes, or sometimes both girls treat them as snacks.IMG_3368

The car needs to be cleaned up desperately. I just cleaned the car before we left, so I’ve added it to the to-do list.IMG_3361

Going out for a jog. I hate it, but it needs to be done.DSC_9859

Cleaning up the pool.


A little bit of grooming for the kids.

Pool cleaning time is interrupted with rescuing a lizard that is stuck on the inside of the window screen. My mom yells at us to watch our ears because she believes an old-wives tale about lizards jumping in your ear. It’s hilarious.DSC_9916

I’m so excited about Halloween and dressing up as a family. DSC_9939

After dinner walk.DSC_9945 DSC_9950

The kids are obsessed with cats. It runs on my side of the family. They try chasing the black cat and encounter a tabby and a gray cat in their pursuit. They are in heaven.DSC_9963

Brian and I play a board game (Marvel Legendary. He wins.


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Week in the Life 2014 – Tuesday

I’ve kept a lot of notes, and using the 6×8 daily sheets that were provided for Week in the Life.


I could not sleep so I was up at 5:22AM. My morning ritual involves playing a round of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It’s one of the few games I play on the iPad. (The other one is Another Case Solved, but only for the candy until they add more chapters!)IMG_3319

When we get ready to check out of a hotel, we always do one last sweep to make sure we have all of our belongings. Unfortunately my mom lost an earring the day before and despite our best efforts of moving furniture around, we couldn’t find it.DSC_9800

We load up our stuff. I’ve started bringing a hamper with us when we travel locally so that it’s easier to put all our dirty clothes, ready to be washed as soon as we get home. DSC_9806

Brian stopped by another hotel to get information about temporary housing. The fourth time is the charm.
IMG_3323 We go to the mall again, and I’m pretty much over it, but it’s convenient and we’re waiting for our realtor to update us on where and when to meet. We do a little bit of shopping.

After all the house hunting, we head out to lunch to figure out the next plan. We haven’t found a house that we want, and the one that we want is way over budget. We eat and come up with a deadline (before Thanksgiving), and make plans.IMG_3337

We get home at 5PM and we have barely gotten out of the car, when our neighbors ask if I can help pick up their daughter at 7:30. We get our kids ready for bed, and I head out at 7:25 to the school. It’s a football game, she’s in band, they’re still playing and I wait until around 8 when they’re finished.DSC_9821

The laundry is running (thanks Mom!) and we finish unpacking our stuff.DSC_9817

Brian watches a Doctor Who while I read on the couch beside him. We turn in early to bed where he plays on the phone a bit while I continue reading. (I changed the bedspread while the house is on the market.)DSC_9824

There is nothing like the first time you crawl into bed after traveling. It’s magical. It’s home.

For more information about Week in the Life, click here. Photos taken with a Nikon D700 with a Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G lens and iPhone 5s