One week to go


In one week we’ll be out of our house and headed to Houston! It’s all very surreal, and it’s made more so as we have taken down curtains, donated piles and piles of things, and packed some bags.

The nice part is that we’ll have movers provided for us. I’m very glad that it’s standard for my husband’s industry!

If all goes well we close on our house next Wednesday and then wait a few days before we close on the house we’re buying. I’m hoping for the best and trying not to stress over it too much.

We’ll be staying in a hotel suite and traveling over the holidays. I’ve packed my Week in the Life album to work on (I’m on Wednesday) and our Christmas cards to send. I have a couple of games picked out and scouring a list of books to have readily available on the Kindle.

December Daily Day 03: Play Ball


Today was mild and we spent some time outside this afternoon. Bunny and Nagini love playing outside. Bunny especially loves trying to climb the tree in our front yard and playing basketball.

We have a hoop installed from the previous homeowners. It’s height adjustable and on the lowest setting. Bunny has a bouncy ball that looks like a basketball and she makes about 20% of her throws.

When the ball goes through the hoop, sometimes it just stays in the net! I think Bunny observed another child doing this, but she took off her shoe and started throwing it at the net to get the ball out. Today, she was¬†quite insistent that she do it on her own…until her shoe made it through the net too!

It made for a good laugh and I love her spirit and determination.

December Daily Day 02: The Stroller


Today while my mom and I cleaned out a little bit of the garage, Nagini told me she wanted the stroller. Basically, it involves a lot of pointing and grunting, not unlike a caveman or monkey chatting. (“Uh! ugh! Uh!” “You want the stroller?” “Yea-ah.”)

The story of today involves the thrill of pushing the stroller around the house, in and out of bedrooms and our master bathroom and closet and how much fun the kids had. There were tears over taking turns, and there were peals of laughter as Nagini climbed into the stroller.

This also had me wondering why the stroller is so much fun at home, but when we’re out in stores it is the worst thing ever and oh the tears and the screaming that I would torture her by putting her in it!

Toddlers, go figure.

December Daily Day 01: Evening Walks

Since we’re moving in two weeks(!), I am going to share a few stories on here to help me keep track of everything and put the stories into our 2014 Project Life album.

For the last two nights my mom and I have loaded the kids in the stroller and walked around the neighborhood to admire the Christmas lights.

The lights in our neighborhood are nice, but they make me nostalgic for the tacky light house tours we used to do when we lived in Virginia.

The girls love seeing the rainbow lights and Bunny asks if she can have the balloons. Sometimes, she asks if she can pop them. (My kids are occasionally destructive!)

Now that Christmas season has arrived, my mom and I realized this is the perfect way to blackmail/bribe/threaten/cajole/coax them to finish their dinner or clean up their toys if they want to go out to see the lights. It’s quite effective on a 1.5 and a 3.5 year old.

Tonight we were outside and I wore shorts. It was a little weird, but I could get used to it!

Thanksgiving Menu Planning


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Last year I was pretty depressed when our double oven’s circuit board broke down the week before Thanksgiving.

This week we’re hosting my mom, and our friends from college who have moved to Louisiana. There will be three of them and I might have gone a bit overboard with the menu.

Our menu:

But hey, our next house doesn’t have a double oven, and I’m going to take advantage of ours now while we still can! My favorite part of Thanksgiving is all the leftovers to eat!

On Friday we’ll grill some steaks. I think the sides I serve on Thursday will taste great with it too.

Happy Thanksgiving!