Digital Project Life 2013: Weeks 03-09

Despite having had a crazy 2013, I have been keeping up with my Project Life album. It’s become part of my routine so much that I get antsy if I am not finished by Tuesday. This year I went with a Monday to Sunday format, so I will work on each week either on Sunday evening or sometime on Monday.

I can’t believe that we are already in 10 weeks into the new year. Where has the time gone?

Week 03:

Week 04:

Week 05:

Week 06:

Week 07:

Week 08:

Week 09:

One thing that I have been more conscientious about this year is to include more journaling. As I flipped through the 2012 album, I could not remember why I took a particular picture or why it seemed so significant to get a photo of something. I think keeping the stories with the photos definitely makes it more special and memorable.

I have been primarily using the Seafoam edition, along with Cathy Zielske‘s templates. There are some digital freebies floating around in the pages too that I have found through Pinterest or the web.

Honestly if this project wasn’t digital I would not be able to keep up with it week to week. I hope that even after when Nagini is born the most I will fall behind will be a week or two! Here’s to hoping!

I have been working on Nagini’s baby album already and that is the physical baby kit. I hope to share my girls’ albums soon on that, though I need to get more photos printed first.

P.S. I’m linking this up over at The Mom Creative. I love seeing how others put together their albums!

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