Miss Maggie Rabbit(s)

I finished my Miss Maggie Rabbits a week before Easter! I was completely nervous because this was my first time putting together a softie kit from head to toe (clothing included). I had not picked up knitting needles in more than six years, and I have never worked with elastic or wool felt. Whew!

There was a little bit of frustration here and there, but they are so stinking cute! I am happy with how they both turned out.

I think the one on the left will be for Bunny since right now she loves the color blue. But she will probably get first dibs to choose anyway since her sister is not here yet!

Personally I like the dress and colors on this one a bit more:

Since these were my first softies I have plenty of extra embroidery floss and a few things so just in case they start falling apart, I will at least have the tools to put them back together. I hope they are well loved by my children. And if not, well, I am sure I will find a spot for them in my craft room!



  1. jill collins says

    I made the same rabbit with the olive green fabric. Like you it was my first time doing something like this. One of her ears is a little funky, but actually adds some character. These are the cutest little guys. I’ve actually purchased a new kit as I had so much fun working on this one. Good luck to you.

    • says

      Thanks Jill! It was definitely a fun project. Are you going to make any of the clothes Alicia just released for Maggie Rabbit?

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